Need a Boost in Your Self-Confidence? Teeth Whitening Can Help!

Need a Boost in Your Self-Confidence? Teeth Whitening Can Help!

Jun 16, 2019

Do you believe in the adage, “Love at first smile?” If so, and if you also believe your smile could use a little boost before finding your fairytale happy ending, keep reading to learn about professional teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ as an important first step to attaining the smile of your dreams!

Some Important Information About the Quest for a Perfect Smile

True, it seems that every person you see on television, the movies, or your social media feed has a perfect smile. Those images may pressure you to believe that you need to conform to the exact same mold. But in reality, there should be no pressure to change the way you look for the benefit of others. Instead, you should seek simple and cost-effective ways to boost your self-confidence in other ways. Absolute Dental has helped countless patients reclaim a more youthful appearance and an increased self-confidence with professional teeth whitening in our comfortable Gilbert dentist office.

Remember: All Dental Whitening Products Are Not Created Equal

You may wonder “what’s the damage to using at-home tooth whitening products?” The answer to that simple question contains a few layers. First, because at-home products are limited in their efficacy over stronger, professional grade products, unsuspecting consumers can often spend endless amounts of time and money waiting for their teeth to lighten just one or two shades. But with a professional tooth brightening in Gilbert, AZ, patients can achieve several shades of whitening is as little as one appointment. Another reason to always choose professional whitening over at-home options is that without professional monitoring, the abrasives, chemicals, and bleaching components of over-the-counter selections have the potential to damage the protective enamel of teeth.

The Proof is in the Numbers

In the modern age of social media and the increased use of dating apps, it’s becoming more and more common for people to judge others in a matter of mere seconds. And, the numbers are in to support that phenomenon. Studies show that almost 75% of Americans are more likely to trust someone – and that translates to “select someone” — with a nice smile.

Ready for a Smile Boost?

If you’re ready to boost your self-confidence with one of the most common – and affordable — first choices for a smile makeover in Gilbert, AZ, give our dental care team at Absolute Dental Care a call today to get started!

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