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Root Canal Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Root canal treatments are commonly needed for individuals who are affected with infected teeth. Our team at Absolute Dental offers a wide range of endodontic treatments that focus on restoring a smile to a healthy and beautiful state. We have an experienced team of trained professionals who eagerly provide custom care to every individual that comes to our clinic. Continue reading on to learn more about root canal treatments in the Gilbert area.

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When are Root Canal Treatments Needed?

Endodontic treatments are essential in protecting and restoring an individual tooth. A root canal is located on the inside chamber of a tooth. There it stores the essential parts of a tooth including the pulp, vessels, and nerves. When the pulp becomes infected, a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. Without a root canal treatment, the tooth will eventually need to be extracted to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth. This treatment allow the tooth to keep its strong structure.

What is Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

Before beginning a root canal treatment, your dentist will thoroughly examine the affected tooth. They will ensure that a treatment is needed and will benefit the overall health of the smile. A local anaesthetic will be given to you in order to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. There are several different methods in sedation dentistry that our dental team can provide for you. Individuals who suffer with anxiety or younger children may be in need of a deeper form of sedation. Once the treatment has begun, the dentist will use a dental drill to create a small opening in the tooth. They will clean out the pulp and disinfect the inside of the tooth. A restoration, such as a dental crown, will be placed on top of the tooth after the treatment is over. This will also for further protection on the tooth.

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