What are the Do’s and Don’ts After a Tooth Extraction

What are the Do’s and Don’ts After a Tooth Extraction

Jul 16, 2019

There are many reasons that folks would need a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, this is a normal part of dental care. At some point, a tooth becomes too much of a problem to keep in the mouth. When removal of the tooth is the best solution, this is not something a dentist does lightly. This is a difficult decision because no one wants to lose a tooth. However, once you get through the care of the post-extraction process, one thing to consider is prosthetics like implants or bridges.

What are the Indicators of a Tooth Extraction?

As previously discussed, the dental tooth extraction is something that a dentist doesn’t want to do unless it is something that they have to do. There are several reasons that a tooth may need removal. One of the main reasons is a broken tooth due to trauma. Getting the tooth out of the mouth can prevent infection and other major problems. However, if the tooth is not a victim of trauma, there are other conditions that could create problems. One of the biggest ones is infections. These can be a result of bad hygiene or decay. When these problems arrive, the dentist has no choice but to extract. Often, they have tried to save the tooth with plenty of procedures like root canals and dental crowns.

What are Instructions to be Followed After an Extraction?

Once the dentist removes the tooth from the socket, the next step is making sure that the empty socket can heal properly. This starts with biting down on the gauze for at least thirty minutes. This forces the blood to clot and gives the socket some time to heal. The next step is avoiding anything that can irritate the area. This means brushing gently around the socket and chewing on the other side of your mouth. Make sure if you get bloody saliva that you swallow it rather than spit it out. Spitting will cause problems with the healing process.


The dental extraction is something that most folks are not excited about, but when you get the right care, this procedure can be much less traumatic than otherwise thought.

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